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Russian version

Medical Chamber for newborn babies
designed by Juri Kravchenko

        Medical Chamber for newborn babies

The researchers of the Bashkirian State Medical University and medico-ecological firm Lait-2 have been conducting scientific study into the influence of superweak energy fields of natural and artificial origin on ecopathology and human health with the help of electronic device-indicator of geophysical anomalies IGA-1 of original design. The result of the work was research about the influence of geophysical anomalies (geopathogenic zones) on health and general physical state of people.

The further research into the field resulted in the designing of a screened medical chamber, meant to improve a general physical state of a person and to eliminate various pathological states. It is a new variant of a medical "Reich chamber" manufactured with implementation of airspace technologies. The Firm Lait-2 has organized the production of screened medical chambers. The variant of the medical chamber to be used in neonafology for increasing vitality of prematurely babies has been tested on maternity centre N 4 (city of Ufa).

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) is an American doctor and psychologist of Austrian origin. Conducting his medical practice as sexopathologist in 1940 s W. Reich designed a medical chamber to cure sexual disorders and to increase sexual potency. Later he treated other diseases including cancer by means of these chambers. However W. Reich failed to introduce his chambers in routine medical practice in his lifetime. Reich's invention drew everybodys attention after experiments connected with chamber treatment of American pilots shot dawn in Vietnam with extensive burns. These experiments proved successful: people survived after this treatment.

Here after, a lot of researchers developed various modifications "Reich chamber" to be used exclusively for sexual disoraers treatment.
Introduction of "Bashkirian Reich" into medical practice is fundamentally a new medical methodology of prematurely born babies treatment.
The medical chamber is a part of medical technique and can be used in neonatology to increase physical state of newborn babies by constant implementation to achieve better results in nursing prematurely born babies, in eliminating different pathological states, in raising general protective power, besides it can be applied to treat syndrome of chronic fatigue, latent pathology on the predisease stage and diseases connected with bioenergy deviations in a human body.

To achieve the set aim a physiotherapy device consisting of a working chamber made of dielectric-metal layers with air perforations has been developed. The inner dimensions of chamber correspond to a size of a newborn baby and are fit for its comfortable position in the chamber. The chamber is manufactured from multi layer, fail layer, plastic used for multi layer aviation computer plates. Metallised layers of every chamber wall are isolated from other walls metallised layers, have flexible into the exterior parts of chamber on every side of its walls; the outlets, on every side are connected with the corresponding contacts of on electric multi way socket, conjugated wall sides having conjugated sockets. Outlets of Metallised wall layers are so connected with socket contacts of same name the layers electrically form chambers inserted are into another isolated from each other.

The effect of device is based on a beneficial influence of accumulation of bioenergy on human body according to W. Reich principle that has a sanative and general invigorating effect producing nonspecific activisation of protective powers of a human body, increase of its resistence and stimulation of its bioenergy.
The results of the clinical test of the screened medical chamber confirmed its clinical effectiveness leading to reduction of the recovering period, growing activity of babies at breast sucking, their putting on weight, shorter periods of inflammatory centres eradication.
Chairwoman of Bashkirian Department RASPM, Head of Neontology and Perinatology Chair Professor E.N.Akhmadeeva.
Juri Kravchenko, the inventor, Russia

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