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Geophysical Anomaly Detectors

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Passport Device IGA-1M and The operation manual

El detector IGA-1 operation manual in Spanish

DEVICE IGA-1M. The passport and the operation manual for investigation of emptiness, water veins, searching pipelines.

Last updates

Mr.Kravchenko let his Moscow attorney fix all the questions regarding purchase IGA-1 devices.
His Moscow attorney name is Victor Pricazchikov, email:

New device IGA-beta in Russian

Video of work with device IGA-1

Torsion fields and information interaction

Torsion Field and Interstellar Communication. By Victor Shkatov, Vitaliy Zamsha.

SVM technologies in metallurgy.

Dolmens - sacred stones in Sochi, Russia, new photo

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IGA-1- indicator of geophysical anomalies is used to define geopathogenic zone at homes and industrial buildings .

The device has been tested in several clinics, maternity home and sanitary inspection of Ufa.
The obtained results show interrelation between the position of beds and working places that are in radiation zone and health condition of patients and personnel.
The town councal of Aradippu (Cyprus) had schools and houses of this town examined by this device because of the high rate of cancer and Leukaemia in this town.

For the protection of people from the negative effects of electronic equipment  Bioenergetic protective devices Spinor

The description, principle of operation and some drawings

The device Universal is designed to search for metallic and non-metallic objets under snow, ground, concrete, wood, metal, etc.
The device helps to find cavities and underground ways, human bodies underground, the borders of water ways, metallic and non-metallic pipelines and places of leakage.

search device IGA-1    detector iga-1 search

The device of passive operation unlike other identical devices, does not require radiators connected with pipelines or sunk into wells.
The device has been tested by industrial and construction organisations in prospecting metallic and non-metallic objects at 20 metres depth under earth surface.

The search for human bodies by this device was done for first time during the rescue operations in Neftegorsk following the earthquake of 1995 -  photo

Also the device allow to reveal ancient tombs. To get more info and see photo click the page Detection of ancient burial places

By means of device IGA-1 have been made measurements of dolmens, ancient megalytic constructions situated in vicinities of Sochi, Russia.

IGA-1 is the cheapest device among passive detectors of anomalies.

Traces of Ahnenerbe searching missed Abwehr agents in the area of the Urals

Ehrenamtliche Suchaktion nach Graben aus dem 2

In 1994-2010 about 250 device Universal were manufactured.

detector iga-1    

At present the device Polyethelene with better characteristics designed for polyethelene gas-pipeline is manufactured.

To get more information about this device click the page  Indicator of Geophysical Anomaly

Torsion fields

Biosafety electronics. Step beyond the horizon of official science. Anatolii R. Pavlenko, Ph.D., professor Ukraine, Kiev.

Unconventional research in USSR and Russia:
unconventional research in Russia from the end of the 19th until the beginning of the 21th centuries in areas related to generation and detection of a 'high- penetrating' emission of non-biological origin.

Torsion Field and Interstellar Communication. By Victor Shkatov, Vitaliy Zamsha.
Book explain what is Torsion Field (TF) in very short terms and how this can be used in benefit for human being.
Some practical solutions how to build a torsion field generator or detector and some advice how to use imaging addressing method in TF communication.

Research Articles, Serge Kernbach

Precision differential pH meter for long-term monitoring of liquids

On metrology of systems operating with 'high-penetrating' emission

Long and Super-Long Range device-device and operator-device Interactions Serge Kernbach, Vitaliy Zamsha, Yuri Kravchenko
Experimental setup uses two types of sensors, based on electric double layers and IGA-1 device, and two types of LED and laser generators.

SVM technologies in metallurgy.
These techniques are also used detector Iga-1

Generators of a "high-penetrating emission" and the detector IGA-1: Review

detector Iga-1


Fazoaurometer is a highly sensitive gauge of electromgnetic radiation of biological objects including human bodies.
The device can state aural electromagnetic field of a human and conduct topographic measurement of field pictures which are deformed in pathological area.

Fazoaurometer is allowed to test effect of different protective bioenergetic devices. To see some pictures and response click Bioenergy

Testing and clinical use was done in clinic of Ufa, Moscow and Minsk.

Fazoaurometer is designed for prophylactic examination of people to diagnose possible diseases, clinic use as diagnoses apparatus, treatment efficiency dynamics control.
Medical methodology of applying the device was developed by Ufa Medical University.
The studies in clinics and maternity home allow to define possible use of the devise for diagnosing pathological states of both grown-ups and children, including nowly-born and prematurely-born babies.
The method is ecologically a man to rays (X-rays, ultrasound, magnetic field).

The Firm Lajt-2 has organized the production of screened medical chambers. It is a new variant of a medical "Reich chamber" manufactured with implementation of airspace technologies.

To get more information about it click  THE IMPROVING SCREENED CHAMBER BY REICH PRINCIPLE

All devices were produced by the firm "Lajt-2".

Devices are manufactured on the bases of the defence plant.
For 20 years about 400 devices IGA-1 are realised.
The devices are successfully works in the various countries worldwide such as the USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Chyprus, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine.

Researches and experiments with device IGA-1
the book of Stefan Kardino the Expert of Bioenergy

You can look responses about working with the device IGA-1.

              anomaly detector by Juri Kravchenko

The inventor of all devices was Juri Kravchenko, scientist from Russia

International scientific conference "Torsion fields and informational interactions"

Using features of vortex flows of high-pressure fluids and gases in the technology of transporting natural gas

Gennady Vorsunov's biologically active films (BAF)

OUR PARTNERS   Toronto, Canada.
Definition of abnormal zones. Inspection of premises on presence of geopathogenic zones.

Partner and Representative in Canada:
Dr. Alexander Eremeev-Raykhert PhD, Prof

Calgary, Canada.
Scientific and applied research in the field of environmental monitoring geophysical anomalous zones of geopathogenic and technogenic origin in residential, industrial premises and field conditions;
electromagnetic radiation, determination of geological faults, karst voids, water; search for underground pipelines, cables, burials, study of human biofields; etc.

Company IGP. SRL  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Technicla Director, PhD Evgueni Gorokhov  E-mail
Contactless diagnostics of underground communications.


Research Group for Geobiology Dr. Hartmann eV
Geobiologie online  e-mail:

Prof. Dr. Frederick H. Balck
Field of art history
Institute for Energy Research and Physical Technologies, Clausthal University of Technology

Dr.rer.nat. Serge Kernbach
Head of Collective Robotics Group
Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems
University of Stuttgart, Germany


Beyond Radiation Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF), Health, Technology and Innovation

Mikko Ahonen PhD, Researcher School of Information Sciences (SIS) at the University of Tampere




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