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Russian version

International scientific conference

"Torsion fields and informational interactions - 2009"

Dear colleagues!

International scientific conference "Torsion fields and informational interactions - 2009" was hold in Sochi, Russia 25-29 August 2009.

Topics of the Conference:

" Super-weak informational interactions
" Torsion fields and effects of spinning mass
" Geopathogenic zones and protection against these
" Non-local effects in macro-scale
" Non-traditional technologies
" Philosophy of science of XXI century

We hope that Conference will integrate efforts of researchers and will assist the scientific progress in these areas.

Work of the Conference included reports and discussions. It is possible also to demonstrate the technologies.

Working languages of Conference are Russian and English.

Supporters of the Conference:

" Russian Academy Of Natural Sciences
" International Academy of Bioenergetics' Technologies
" Cuban State Technical University
" Ufa State Aviation Technical University
" State Rocket Center "KB named after academician V.P.Makeev"
" Institute for Physics of Vacuum
" The "Ukraine" Open International University Of Human Development
" "Light-2", Russia
" "Spinor international", Ukraine
" "Sarl Tellus", France
" "Paramed", Poland
" "Equator", Russia
" "Second physics", Russia

Program committee:

" Doctor Gennady Shipov, academician of RANS
" Doctor Andrey Malenkov, honorary vice-president of RANS
" Doctor Gennady Dulnev, honored worker of science and technology of Russia
" Doctor Andrey Bobrov
" Doctor Andrey Poletaev
" Doctor Anatoly Pavlenko, academician of IABET
" Doctor Anatoly Kosov, academician of IABET
" Doctor Vlad Zhigalov

Organizational committee:

" Yury Kravchenko
" Anatoly Pavlenko
" Vlad Zhigalov

The electronic version of the collection of conference 67 articles for free download

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