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    The researchers of the Bashkirian State Medical University and medical-ecological firm Lajt-2 have been conducting scientific study into the influence of superweak energy fields of natural and artificial origin on ecopathology and human health with the help of electronic device-indicator of geophysical anomalies IGA-1 of original design, Geophysical Anomaly Detector.
    The result of the work was research about the influence of geophysical anomalies (geopathogenic zones) on health and general physical state of people.
    The further research into the field resulted in the designing of a screened medical chamber, meant to improve a general physical state of a person and to eliminate various pathological states. It is a new variant of a medical "Reich chamber" manufactured with implementation of airspace technologies. The Firm Lajt-2 has organized the production of screened medical chambers.
    The variant of the medical chamber to be used in neontology for increasing vitality of prematurely babies has been tested on maternity centre N 4 (city of Ufa) during the seven years.
Medical chamber for newborn babies.

From history of the invention

    Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) is an American doctor and psychologist. Conducting his medical practice as sexopathologist in 1940s W. Reich designed a medical chamber to cure sexual disorders and to increase sexual potency Later he treated other diseases including cancer by means of these chambers. However W. Reich failed to introduce his chambers in routine medical practice in his lifetime.     Here after, a lot of researchers developed various modifications of "Reich chamber" to be used exclusively for sexual disorders treatment. Introduction of "Bashkirian Reich" into medical practice is fundamentally a new medical methodology.

Principle of action, sphere of application.

    Action of the chamber is based on beneficial influence of bioelectromagnetic energy on an organism of the person at its accumulation by W.Reich's principle, having improving effect, shown in nonspecific activization of protective forces of an organism, increase of its resistency and stimulation of its bio-energetics.
    The way of strengthening of ability to live of an organism is based on optimization and purposeful management of balance of radiation of own bioenergy developed by an organism, and absorption of external electromagnetic energy, and also electromagnetic fields from radio-electronic means.
    The improving chamber concerns to area of medical technics and can be used in the field of medicine of accidents for increase of a vitality of an organism in the form of constant influence with the purpose of increase of efficiency of restoration of state of health of people after stay in " hot points ", elimination of various pathological deviations, increase of the general protective forces.
    Also the chamber can be used in gynecology and andrology for increase of a vitality of an organism in the form of constant influence with the purpose of increase of efficiency of nursing of patients, elimination of various pathological deviations, increases protective forces, and also for treatment of a syndrome of chronic weariness, an impotence, the barreness, the latent pathology at stages of prediseases and the diseases connected with biopower infringements in an organism.
     For achievement of an object in view, the physiotherapeutic device containing the working chamber is developed, executed of layers dielectric-metal, with apertures for access of air. The chamber has the form of the closed rectangular. Its sizes (internal 2250х1350х900 mm, height of legs with wheels of 700 mm) correspond to the sizes of the person.

improving screened chamber    medical technics Reich camera

    In difference from the American prototype - classical Reich chamber which stand on a floor vertically, our chamber is isolated from the ground, located horizontally at height nearby 1m (from a floor). With a view of the best shielding a wall represent layered structure that provides resonant effect of influence in system " the device-biological object ".
    The chamber is executed from multilayered foil-textolite, applied for multilayered aviation computer plates and radio equipment, for achievement of greater efficiency of influence on the person. Also in difference from classical Reich chamber, spending layers of each wall are closed with the same layers of others and are the spending cocoons enclosed each other divided by layers of insulators.

    Since 2013 health camera design Y. Kravchenko released by Aviation Instrument Factory in Ufa.

health camera design Y. Kravchenko  Reich chamber new design

Patents, responses.

    On the given device is received the certificate on useful model 97118832/20 for № 7881 " the Device for strengthening ability to live of an organism " from 16.10.98.
And the patent № 2211054 from 27.08.03 " the Way of strengthening of ability to live of an organism ".
    There are positive responses of the Bashkir branch of the Russian association of experts perinatology medicine, of the Bashkirian State Medical University, the Maternity hospital № 4 of Ufa, parents of newborn children, and also known Ufa businessman Bogdanov V.J. The improving screen chamber established in the Maternity hospital № 4 in 1999г., is used for treatment weak newborn children till now.
    Course of treatment in screened chamber consists of 3-4 daily sessions duration 30-40 minutes in current of 10-12 days.

Advantages of the chamber:

- high economic efficiency, a fast recoupment of investments.
- simplicity in use.
- low operational and service charges.
- comfort of application for the client.
- an opportunity of collective use.
-absence of a problem of an electrosecurity.
- a wide spectrum of a complete set.
- methodical, organizational and service support.

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